*Hawaii Local Favorites*

Served with 2 scoop rice + mac salad



Teri Chicken Special                                                                                       $12                             $10

Chicken Katsu Special (breaded deep fried chicken cutlet)                            $13                             $10

Curry Katsu                                                                                                     $13

Teri Beef Special                                                                                            $13                              $10

Teri Ribs Special (w/ bones)                                                                           $15                             $10

Mahi Mahi Special (breaded deep-fried mahi mahi)                                      $15                             $10

Tonkatsu Special  (breaded deep-fried pork cutlet)                                        $13                             $10

Mixed Plate Special (choice of two from above, kalua pig is also a choice)$13.5

Hawaiian Breakfast (3 eggs+Spam+Portuguese Sausage+rice)                     $13

Poke Bowl (Hawaiian, Spicy, or Shoyu + miso soup or salad)                      $14

Chili (chili+rice+mac salad)                                                                           $12

Beef Stew "Brandon's Specialty" (stew+rice+mac salad)                              $12

Oxtail Stew "Aunty Lei's Specialty (stew+rice+mac salad)                          $14

Portuguese Bean Soup (stew+rice+mac salad) when available                    $14

Saimin (noodles with spam, gyoza, veggies)                           sm. $12   lg. $14

Fried Saimin                                                                                                  $12

*Build Your Own LOCO MOCO*

Champ Food Right Here!

~Served on a bed of rice & topped w/ 2 eggs, brown gravy, and a side of potato-mac salad~

Choose 1 item below...$12     w/ fried rice...$2         additional item...$3        Extra egg, gravy, or rice...$1

    Hamburger Patties             Teri Patties               Chicken Katsu                Teri Beef                     Tonkatsu

         Kalua Pig                           Spam                            Bacon                Portuguese Sausage

Example: Epi's Loco Moco  3 Teri Patties, 3 eggs, spam


    ***Hawaiian Plates***

       ~served with potato-mac salad & two scoops of rice~


Moani Special (kalua pig)                       $12    

Moani Special (lau lau)                           $13

Ho'ai Special (kalua pig & cabbage)       $13

Lei Special (kalua pig & lomi salmon)   $13

Pua Special (laulau & lomi salmon)        $14

Pilialoha Special (kalua pig, laulau, lomi salmon, haupia)          $16

*Kukui Special (kalua pig, laulau, lomi salmon, haupia, poke)   $18

Poi                                                                                               $5

          Hawaii Style Burgers & Sandwiches

~Served with lettuce, tomatoes, & onion, with french fries, mac salad, or green salad~

Hamburger                   $11              Teri Patty Burger       $12

Cheese Burger              $12              Teri Beef Burger       $12

Katsu Burger                $12              Kalua Pig Burger      $12

       ~Prices are subject to change. Check with restaurant for current prices.