Appetizers/Side Orders

Agedashi dofu (deep fried tofu)                  $6

Edamame (soy beans lightly salted)               $5

Edamame Spicy                            $6

French Fries                                  $5

Furikake Fries                               $8

Gyoza (pan fried dumplings)                   $8

Green Salad or Mac Salad           $2

Kalua Pig Side                             $8

Kalua Pig & Cabbage Side          $8

Miso Soup or Rice                       $2

Ocean Salad (mixed seaweed)              $8

Onigiri (rice ball w/ seaweed wrap)                 $5

Poke(Hawaiian, Shoyu, Spicy,Miso, or Wasabi) market

Poi                                                $5

Portuguese Sausage Side             $5

Shrimp Tempura (5 pieces)                    $10

Slammin' Salmon Musubi          $10

Spam Musubi                 $3 or 2 for $5

Fried Musubi               $4.5 or 2 for $8

Yakitori (grilled chicken & onions)               $12



Katsu Don (pork cutlet & eggs over rice)                     $12

Oyako don (chicken & eggs over rice)               $12

Ten Don (shrimp & vege tempura over rice)          $12

Beef or Chicken Sukiyaki Rice         $12

Fried Rice                                          $12

(Bacon,Beef,Chicken, Pork,Portuguese Sausage, Pork,or Spam)

Shrimp Fried Rice                             $14

Seafood Fried Rice                           $15


Noodle Dishes

Fried Saimin (Hawaii Style)                                  $12

Yakisoba (beef, chicken, or pork)                     $12

fried soba noodles w/ meat & vegetables
Shrimp Yakisoba                                  $14
Seafood Yakisoba                                 $15
Beef or Chicken Udon                         $12
vegetables & udon in tasty hot broth
Tempura Udon                                     $12
shrimp & vegetable tempura w/ udon in hot broth
Nabeyaki Udon                       $12
shrimp tempura, vegetables and egg in hot broth

Rice Dishes

    ~Speciality Dishes~
 (served with soup, salad, and rice)

~Teriyaki Chicken                             $12

~Chicken Katsu                                $13
~Teriyaki Beef                                   $13
~Teriyaki Ribs                                   $15
~D Teriyaki or Ginger Steak             $16
~Tonkatsu                                         $13
~Salmon Shio or Teriyaki                  $16
~Assorted Tempura                           $15
~Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura     $15
~Miso Butterfish (when available)                 market

Children's Meal (ages 12 & under)            $8

(Served with soup, tempura, & choice of french fries, rice, or fried rice)
Gyoza, Chicken Katsu, or Teri Chicken

Kansha Bento 
(Served with soup, salad, rice, tempura, salmon, & gyoza)

Bento 1 Teri Chicken                        $14

Bento 1 Chicken Katsu                     $14

Bento 1 Teri Beef                              $15

D Bento 2 Teri Chicken or Teri Beef + tempura  $18
D Sumo Bento                        $27 

Teri Chicken or Teri Beef+tempura+

kalua pig+poke


Fountain Drinks                              $3

(Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Ice Tea, Mt. Dew, Sierra Mist, & Root Beer)

Hawaiian Sun Juice                        $3

(Guava, Lilikoi, Pass O Guava, Passion Orange, Str. Guava)

Coffee or Tea                                  $2

Shakes                                             $5    (Coconut, Coffee, Green Tea, Honey Dew, Lilikoi, Lychee, Mango, Taro)





Ice Cream (green tea, mango, vanilla)            $3

Haupia (Hawaiian coconut pudding)               $3

Happy Haupia (deep fried coconut pudding)   $5

Hawaiian Shave Ice                          $5

Mochi Ice Cream (green tea or mango)       $3

Tempura Ice Cream                          $6


*May contain raw fish. Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness. *Creamy dressing contains raw eggs.

~Alcoholic beverages are offered in restaurant, but are not available for carryout orders.

~Prices are subject to change.  Check with the restaurant for current prices.

~ D= Dinner Only

Lunch & Dinner Menu